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Head to Head Comparison

We manufacture each U-Smile-Veneer by the highest standards and care. Due to recent technological advances, we are now introducing the U-Smile-Veneers Deluxe. Please look at the table below for a head-to-head comparison.

U-Smile-Veneers™ Vs. U-Smile-Veneers™ Deluxe

 U-Smile-VeneersU-Smile-Veneers Deluxe
Natural Esthetic HD
3D Technology
Same Day
Treatment Time10 Hours2 Hours
Warranty✓ (5 Years)
Up to 6 Veneers
More than 6 VeneersNot Ideal
Lower Tooth VeneersNot Ideal

Find out more about U-Smile-Veneers™ and U-Smile-Veneers™ Deluxe. You can also read about the Smile Makeover.

Patrick Abuzeni, MD, DDS

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