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Introducing the U-Smile-Veneers® Deluxe – An intersection of Art and Technology

U-Smile Veneers Deluxe is where Art and Technology intersect to benefit dental patients everywhere. This service is performed chair side. Minimally invasive, Digitally created, made of the highest quality porcelain, and no matter the number of veneers, this treatment is completed in less than 2 hours.

The U-Smile-Veneers® Service

  • Dental examination
  • Radiographs where indicated
  • A Complete 3D design of your smile with the U-Smile™ Photo Simulator
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan & Options
  • 3D digital impressions
  • 3D digital construction of the veneers
  • Final delivery of the U-Smile-Veneers™ Deluxe

Every qualified patient will receive a Complimentary U-Smile™ Photo Simulation. Our professional Smile Team will conduct a thorough facial examination and use our advanced U-Smile Photo Simulator to show you how we can help. We will develop a personalized treatment plan with options and show you a menu of services and products to choose from.

Our U-Smile-Veneers Deluxe are inexpensive and most are painless

The U-Smile-Veneers™ Deluxe continues our tradition at The Smile Factory to offer affordable, minimally- invasive cosmetic dental procedures The U-Smile-Veneers Deluxe are indicated to repair chipped, uneven, stained or discolored teeth to enhance your smile. Attached to the surface of the tooth, made as thin as necessary, and highly polished as part of the process, these revolutionary new veneers are custom designed and completed in as little as one hour – and they can match any tooth color. At $585 per tooth, these veneers make a beautiful new smile easier and at a fraction of the traditional cost. These affordable new veneers can give you a new smile you’ll be proud of, one that everyone will notice. We begin with a dental examination and x-rays, to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy.

This is how you can have a beautiful smile on a budget. Let our U-Smile-Veneers™ transform your smile at The Smile Factory – at a fraction of the traditional cost. Call today to find out if you’re a candidate.

How do I know if I am a Candidate?

If you have cracked, stained, yellowed, and mildly uneven teeth U-Smile-Veneers will help you achieve that smile that you wished you always had. In addition, U-Smile-Veneers can be designed to replace missing teeth in select patients. Every treatment begins with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to be sure you have no underlying problems that would need to be treated first. U-Smile-Veneers do require patients to have healthy gums and teeth.

How do U-Smile-Veneers Deluxe work?

After a thorough evaluation by a Smile Factory dentist, you and our dentist will select the best color and shape for your teeth. Some patients have severely discolored teeth. Some have numerous or uneven fillings, so a limited amount of filing the enamel surface may be required. U-Smile-Veneers are custom developed and bonded to your teeth. After your procedure, your bite will be evaluated and any appropriate adjustments will then be made. Total time in the dental chair, no more than 2 hours.

What can I expect?

The results are immediate and breathtaking! For best results we may recommend the use of a night guard to protect the veneers from nighttime grinding. The U-Smile Veneer treatment is well tolerated with no discomfort after treatment. Plus, there is a no downtime, so you should be able to return to activities and work the same day.

What are the risks?

Immediately following the treatment you may experience a slight sensitivity of the teeth, which will quickly resolve. Remember, a veneer is like a cap on the tooth; so, it’s very important that you maintain good hygiene and have regular dental checkups with your personal dentist.

One more thing!

Our fees for the U-Smile-Veneers™ are unmatched anywhere in the US. We charge $385 for each U-Smile-Veneers™ and $585 for the U-Smile-Veneers™ Deluxe. Read about our Veneer vs. Veneer comparison here. We do not charge any additional fees. We do not charge you for the examination, x-rays or the 3D simulation.

Did I mention a warranty? We are so confident in this technology that we are offering a seven (7) year warranty on the U-Smile-Veneers Deluxe. If these veneers chip, break, discolor, or break off, we will replace them at no cost.

To learn more about this and other services, such as Smile-Align™, please call.

Patrick Abuzeni, MD, DDS

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