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The Smile Makeover

How do you like your smile? The Smile Factory team will examine and analyze the makeup of your smile. We will identify the pros and cons of what makes your smile. You may have stains, chips, cracks, missing teeth, or a combination of the above.

Our Philosophy

At The Smile Factory, we distinguish ourselves in that we approach every smile from the perspective of a full face beauty analysis. Our renowned cosmetic surgeon will analyze every smile beyond the dentist’s vision and will regard the entire face as a cosmetic facial surgeon and a dentist. A natural and healthy looking smile is in many ways more attractive than a perfectly constructed smile. At The Smile Factory our philosophy is often that less is more. Doing less may accentuate more of your natural beauty.

Beauty Analysis

Every qualified patient will receive a Complimentary U-Smile™ Photo Simulation. Our professional Smile Team will conduct a thorough facial examination and use our advanced U-Smile Photo Simulator to show you how we can help. We will develop a personalized treatment plan with options and show you a menu of services and products to choose from. This is what is included:

  • A limited dental examination
  • Radiographs where indicated
  • A Complete 3D design of your smile with U-Smile™ Photo Simulator
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan & Options
  • Custom 3D digital design
  • Final delivery of the U-Smile-Veneers™

The Makeover

Dr Abuzeni and The Smile Factory Team offer multiple treatments. These treatments together make up the Smile Makeover. We begin every treatment with an evaluation of many of the factors that define your beauty. A facial beauty analysis will be determined, and we will make treatment recommendations as needed. Teeth that are not straight will be aligned with our custom Smile-Align™ clear aligners. Well aligned teeth are a great foundation for beautiful smiles. A smile however is made up of individual teeth. Therefore whenever a tooth or a number of teeth show an excessive amount of gum tissue, a laser guided sculpting of the gums can be made. By now we would have aligned the teeth and the gums. After that we begin to design the custom veneers. The custom made U-Smile-Veneers™ will restore your smile and thereby reversing the signs of tooth aging.

U-Smile Makeover Premium


Includes 4 Veneers, Whitening, & Nightguard


Includes 4 Veneers, Aligner, Whitening, & Retainer
U-Smile Makeover Platinum


Includes 6 Veneers, Whitening, & Nightguard


Includes 8 Veneers, Whitening, & Nightguard


Includes 10 Veneers, Whitening, & Nightguard


Includes 12 Veneers, Whitening, & Nightguard


Includes 16 Veneers, Whitening, & Nightguard
U-Smile Makeover Ultimate


Includes 6 Veneers, Aligner, Whitening, & Retainer


Includes 8 Veneers, Aligner, Whitening, & Retainer


Includes 10 Veneers, Aligner, Whitening, & Retainer


Includes 12 Veneers, Aligner, Whitening, & Retainer


Includes 16 Veneers, Aligner, Whitening, & Retainer
U-Smile Align Ultimate

Align Ultimate

Includes Aligner & Retainer

Smile Maintenance

Take daily care of your teeth and visit your dentist regularly.  Above all, good dental health is essential. Veneers may not be required on every tooth and therefore teeth whitening is very helpful to brighten the natural teeth as well. Opalescence Go is very practical take home teeth whitening system available in two strengths a 10% hydrogen peroxide and 15% hydrogen peroxide. For faster results, ask about our In-Office Tooth Whitening treatment and the Custom Tray treatment.

The Smile Team is available to answer any question you may have during your beautiful smile makeover journey. There’s no need to struggle another minute questioning your smile for a job interview, a new date, or a vacation cruise. Your smile is an important asset!


Patrick Abuzeni, MD, DDS

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