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We offer the world-renowned, physician-prescribed Obagi™ Skin Restoration System

Our patients have exclusive access to the wonderful world of Obagi at The Smile Factory. Our Smile Team skin care experts are trained to share Obagi skin care tips and the phenomenal medical products you can trust, which can transform your skin into a more beautiful and healthy looking new you. The products are designed to help minimize aging of the skin through a variety of proven skin system treatments. They include:

The physician-prescribed Obagi Skin Restoration System®. Check it out! We are pleased to have been selected as one of the fine distributors of these world-renowned products. We have a wonderful selection of restorative skin products to choose from and, if this is your first time using the product, our professional Smile Team will guide your selection to ensure you obtain the right products for your skin tone and type the first time. THE SMILE FACTORY IS AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTER FOR OBAGI MEDICAL PRODUCTS.

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Patrick Abuzeni, MD, DDS

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