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Good dental health is required

Healthy Gums Healthy gums will look pink and firm to the touch. In certain ethnic groups, the gums may be pigmented and will not be completely pink. The gums should however not be red, or swollen or even tender. The gums should rest firmly against the tooth and without visibly receding from the teeth. An…
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How we make our U-Smile-Veneers™

Everyone wants a beautiful SMILE! In my experience as a cosmetic surgeon, many patients seek to improve on their looks with things like breast implants and face lifts, but when they smile their teeth may be crooked or stained. And of course that makes their smile less than perfect. They can afford to get plastic…
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My Passion: The next “Big Thing” in Aesthetic Dentistry is here

My passion in medicine and dentistry is as much about the art of medicine as it is about talking to patients. A big part of my job is to educate my patients, and in fact it is probably one of the most important and rewarding aspect of the overall patient encounter. I love doing it,…
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Patrick Abuzeni, MD, DDS

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