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The Smile Team – A composition of Innovation, Technology, and Clinical Skill.

About Us

The Smile Team is composed of the most advanced 3D Technology and Robotics in dentistry that scan and manufacture dental veneers in one single visit and a dedicated staff. We intend to take full advantage of this technology in order to provide you, our patient, with the most advanced technology at affordable prices. Our commitment is to provide you with the most convenient and affordable dental veneers in clinical dentistry. We are Jacksonville’s first and only dental veneer clinic to provide you with affordable, convenient, and virtually painless esthetic dentistry.


Our founder is Patrick Z. Abuzeni, MD, DDS. He is dual licensed in medicine and dentistry. Dr Abuzeni specializes in cosmetic surgery and as Smile Director, Dr. Abuzeni has been making beautiful smiles for over 20 years. Now, Dr. Abuzeni has developed the techniques to compliment facial beauty using state-of-the-art dental technology.

Nouman “Nomi” Mujahid, DMD

Dr. Nouman “Nomi” Mujahid earned his doctorate in dental medicine (DMD) at LECOM  School of Dental Medicine in Bradenton, Florida. He earned his bachelor degree form the University of Florida and an associate degree from the University of North Florida. Dr. Nomi is a meticulous and methodical clinical dentist with exquisite attention to detail. Dr. Nomi is specialty trained on 3D technology and robotics in dentistry. 

Dr. Nomi has continuously sought to expand his knowledge in dentistry and has attended several educational seminars in clinical dentistry and information technology related to dentistry. His dedication to the dental profession has earned him the title of Fellow of the International College of Oral Implantology (FICOI). The Smile Factory is proud to be represented by Dr. Nomi.

Technology in dentistry is of special interest to Dr. Nomi. At The Smile Factory we rely on state-of-the-art technology to scan and mill our veneers. Dr. Nomi is selective in his choice of material and equipment to guarantee the best patient experience possible. He will be involved in every step of a patient treatment to ensure the highest quality. 

With the help of technology we examine, scan, design and produce beautiful smiles, one veneer at a time. Dr. Nomi’s technical expertise and attention to detail makes him the perfect partner and patient advocate.

Our Staff

Meet Judith and Meagan. Judith and Meagan are both trained and licensed dental assistants and complete our Smile Team. They are superbly trained on our revolutionary technology and will assist you throughout your treatment.


Patrick Abuzeni, MD, DDS

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