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Good dental health is required

Healthy Gums

Healthy gums will look pink and firm to the touch. In certain ethnic groups, the gums may be pigmented and will not be completely pink. The gums should however not be red, or swollen or even tender. The gums should rest firmly against the tooth and without visibly receding from the teeth. An unhealthy gum may also show occasional bleeding when probed by a dentist or while brushing your teeth. Gingivitis is a simple inflammation of the gum and can easily be reversible with improved dental hygiene. Longstanding gingivitis will develop into gum disease which is also known as periodontal disease. Prolonged gum disease will eventually lead to loosening of the teeth and eventually tooth loss.

Strong Teeth

Your teeth are covered by a material called enamel that happens to be the strongest material in our bodies. There are several things that can weaken the enamel such as dental decay also known as cavities. Cavities are often difficult to see with the naked eye. Your dentist will therefore carefully examine each tooth and take x-rays to detect cavities before they can become larger and painful.

A Healthy Smile

A beautiful smile is a healthy smile. Healthy teeth and healthy gums often also reflect good general health and certain health conditions can show signs in the oral cavity. A healthy smile will boost self-confidence and should be a boost for your overall health as well. We at the Smile Factory will examine both your gums and teeth as part of our overall restoration of a healthy smile.

Patrick Abuzeni, MD, DDS

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