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Here at The Smile Factory, we have a unique story. As the founder of The Smile Factory, my passion through several years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon, and having been trained as a dentist, I am able to see beyond just one single discipline and one single dimension. I currently maintain a very busy cosmetic surgery practice in Miami where beauty often relates to the soft parts of the face and body. What is overlooked in cosmetic plastic surgery is the teeth. In this regard, I feel that dental beauty is like the missing piece of a puzzle – if the lips were one piece, the eyes would be another, the teeth are then the missing piece that completes this beauty puzzle.


Cosmetic dentistry is available but is rarely used as it is often very expensive, inconvenient, and many individuals associate a dentist with pain. That led me on a mission to try and design a solution that is affordable, cosmetic and convenient.

I am therefore proud to introduce The Smile Factory where we are currently utlizing the latest and most advanced 3D technology to scan and manufacture dental veneers in a single visit. The Smile Factory is a first-in-Jacksonville, where we provide a variety of different esthetic veneers that are affordable, convenient, and virtually painless. Not to mention, you get a new beautiful smile, all in the same day!  Our veneers are made in house, right here in Jacksonville!

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We hope to meet and exceed your expectations with our unique spectrum of services, and start with your Complimentary Beauty Analysis. The doctors will guide you through your journey to a beautiful, confident smile and sho you our superior services. Make an appointment today to discover The Smile Factory.

Disclaimer: In certain cases, such as with teeth that are severely discolored or where there are numerous or uneven fillings, some filing of the enamel surface may be required.

Patrick Abuzeni, MD, DDS

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